Terms & Conditions

Waterfront Holiday Park Rules – Terms and Conditions

Office hours:

9am to 6pm 7 days a week, please call 08 7530 5000, this is the easiest way to extend your booking. Urgent staff assistance for in-house guests is available 24 hours, just call and select menu 9 for urgent assistance, including electrical, water or noise issues etc.  In the case of emergencies (Fire, Ambulance or Police) please contact 000.

Check-in and Check-out:

Check-in time is 2.00 pm and Check-Out time is 10.00 am.


Upon entry into the cabin please observe and advise us immediately of any breakages or items out of order. Please leave the kitchen as you found it. Wash, dry and return all dishes to their allocated areas. Any breakages and damages must be reported to Management prior to your departure. Management reserves the right to charge your credit card for any outstanding charges that apply to your booking. This includes extra cleaning, excess rubbish removal, additional unpaid guests, extended stays, late checkouts, property theft, any repairs or damage to park property. All linen, bedding and towels are supplied in accommodation. All accommodation is STRICTLY NON-SMOKING. Failure to comply with this policy will incur a $200 cleaning fee. Please be conscious of conserving water and electricity.


Upon entry observe and advise us of any damage to the utility services. Upon exit turn off the water tap. Greywater can be discharged on an appropriate area on your site. All blackwater is to be disposed of at the dump point in the southeast corner of the campground. Place all service connections to your van, vehicle, or tent so as not to cause a nuisance to neighbouring sites and management in maintaining the surrounding site area. Park your vehicles, caravan and/or trailer within the site boundaries, ensuring a 3-meter gap from other vans or dwellings as per the parking guide. Limit 1 car per site. Site capacity is 6 people per site. All caravans must have working fire extinguishers and comply with all government regulations.

Tap Water

Campground water is Filtered water from the River Murray. Cabin tap water is Filtered Rainwater. YELLOW TAPS ARE FOR IRRIGATION ONLY (watering gardens).

No Smoking

Please observe all NO SMOKING notices. No Smoking in cabins, park buildings or communal areas. Failure to observe the No Smoking rule or notices will result in you incurring a cleaning fee of $200.00. Smokers are permitted to smoke on cabin veranda.


Visitors are to park their vehicles in the visitor’s car park adjacent to the office. Your Gate Code will allow your visitors access through the pedestrian gate without effect on your vehicle access. No visitors are permitted to use any of the park’s facilities or to stay overnight unless they have registered as guests and paid the appropriate charges. Guests are responsible for the conduct of their visitors and must ensure that they are aware of, and abide by, the park rules. A group of visitors consisting of 4 or more people is classed as a ‘group event’. ‘Group events must have prior permission from management. Visitors must vacate the park by sunset. Maximum site attendance including visitors is 6 people.

Amenity and Laundry Areas:

The amenities and laundries are for registered guests only. The washing of pets or pet bedding is strictly prohibited. Bathing of infants or young children in the laundry tubs or washing of clothes in hand basins or showers is not permitted. We ask that children under the age of 10 years be supervised by a responsible adult while using the amenity or laundry facilities. Please be considerate of the next user and always leave the facilities in a clean and tidy condition after use. Clothes should be removed from machines/lines as soon as practical. Please be conscious of conserving water and electricity.



BBQ & Camp Kitchen:

The use of the park’s barbeques & camp kitchen areas is permitted between the hours of 7 am and 9.30 pm daily. Please leave the area in a clean and tidy condition. Children under the age of 16 years must be under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Campfires, BBQs, Generators:

Only contained BBQ’s and other contained cooking equipment may be used in the park for cooking. Park supplied fire pits are to be used in the campground only and at The Park’s discretion. No other means of cooking or heating is permissible. Please dispose of ash in bins provided. Please avoid super heating lawned areas. Generators (motorised by fuel) are not to be used in the park.


Place all garbage in the bins provided, Can and Bottle bins are for REFUNDABLE CONTAINERS ONLY and not for general refuse. Littering is prohibited.

Guest Enjoyment:

Our park has consideration for all guests. We ask that during your stay you respect our guests, their property, and their right to the quiet enjoyment of their stay.


Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards etc:

Bicycles and scooters may be ridden within the park during daylight hours only. They are to be ridden in a manner that does not endanger or is not likely to endanger, themselves, other property or any other persons. Helmets must be always worn. The entrance gate and amenity areas are no ride zones. Park management reserve the right to confiscate any bike or scooter that is being used in a prohibited area, or they deem is being used in a manner considered dangerous or a nuisance. The use of skateboards, rollerblades or roller skates is NOT PERMITTED in the park for safety reasons.


Emergency Assembly Point and Emergency Exits:

The emergency assembly area is shown on the park map (E1). In case of an emergency please make your way immediately to the assembly area and follow instructions from the emergency services.


River Frontage and Lagoon:

The River Area is only available for use by registered guests. Children under 14 years of age must be always supervised by a responsible adult.  No one is to permit any child or person who cannot swim to enter the water unless they are always supervised by a responsible adult. Waterfront users must not do anything that would endanger any other person and must abide by any ‘Waterfront rules’ displayed within the Waterfront Area. Current Waterfront access times are daylight hours.

Deposits & Payments:

A booking cannot be made for or by any person under the age of 18 years. A responsible adult must accompany such persons. Proof of age may be requested. It is the adult’s responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of all minors in your party during your stay. All bookings require a 50% deposit. All balances owing to be PAID IN FULL 30 days prior to check-in. A Credit Card pre-authorisation of $200 or a cash bond of $200 may be taken on arrival.

Changes & Cancellations:

Changes and cancellations made will attract a 10% alteration fee. Full forfeiture may occur if the changes are within 24 hours of arrival. No refund will be given for cancellations, the balance of funds will be held in credit for your use for 12 months. We suggest you purchase travel insurance.

Changes and cancelations fall under “you have simply changed your mind” when considering ACL.


All registered Guests will be liable for any loss or damage to the appliances, furniture, keys, fixtures and fittings in the accommodation, normal wear and tear excluded. We take no responsibility for all loss, damage or injury which may be incurred by you or to any of your personal items, including to any vehicles, caravans, or motor homes. You release us from any loss, damage, or injury you suffer and indemnify us against any loss, damage, or injury your party suffers. In these terms and conditions, ‘loss, damage or injury’ means any damage, loss, liability, cost, expense, harm, death, or injury. All cabin/en-suite site bookings require credit card details as security. We reserve the right to protect our interests and deter security incidents such as vandalism, unruly behaviour, theft, and violence. CCTV cameras may be operated and, if operated, will be visible. Thoroughly check cabins and amenities on departure as perishable items will be disposed of and non-consumables will only be held for 2 weeks before being donated to local charities. You must securely store your belongings. Please lock up accommodation when unattended.

Noise / Behaviour

PARK QUIET TIME IS 9 pm to 7 am daily, excessive noise is not permitted during these hours. For the comfort of all patrons, this must be strictly adhered to. Abusive language (including swearing), behaving in a socially unacceptable manner, causing damage, breach of any other park rules, disturbing guests, physical intimidation, excessive consumption of alcohol (including any consumption by persons under 18 years of age), possession or consumption of illicit drugs or assault will not be tolerated at any time and will result in your removal from the park with no refund issued. Guardians are responsible for their children’s general behaviour around the park. Guardians are required to always supervise their children.
VEHICLES: The speed Limit is 5 kph for all vehicles, including pushbikes, and must be adhered to at all times. No unregistered vehicles or trailers are permitted in the park. No vehicles are to be driven by unlicensed drivers. Vehicles, boats and trailers must be parked in the designated areas and must not be parked on the roadways of the park. Guests must have adequate property and liability insurance for all vehicles/vessels/assets at the park. All government regulations for use of vehicles/vessels/assets on or near park property must be observed. Limit 1 vehicle per site or accommodation. Guest overflow parking if available is charged at the current rate per night. Washing of vehicles/vessels/assets in The Park is prohibited.


Maintenance Issues:

Please advise The Park of any problems or requests regarding maintenance or cleanliness.




Pets in the park must be noted on a booking. It is your responsibility to secure your pet. When walking through the park pets must be always on a lead and under control. Owners must pick up after pet using a plastic bag and dispose of in the bins provided. No washing of pet bedding in the laundries. Pets must be up to date with flea and tick treatments, microchipped and all relevant vaccinations. Please respect your neighbours by keeping dog’s barking to a minimum. Pets are not permitted within the amenities, camp kitchen, BBQ areas or laundries. Aggressive behaviour by a pet will not be tolerated and will result in you losing the privilege of having your pet stay in the park.

Pets are allowed inside of cabins however they are not allowed to be on any furniture or in carpeted bedrooms. Fees apply if your animal damages or soils any furniture or puts hair throughout the cabin. A broom is available in all cabins. Pets must have their own bed to sleep in. Pets must not be left by themselves at your cabin.


Pets must be always restrained. Pets must not be left by themselves at your site.
When tethered/fenced at your site, pets must be kept 1 meter from the site boundary.
Pets must not be taken into the amenities, laundry, or BBQ area.